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America in images

Two images:

A small flag decal, on the gas cap cover of an SUV.

A T-shirt, with a picture of Bin Laden and the slogan "Dead Man Walking" that had been washed so many times as to be faded and almost unreadable.
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Kick me

Remind not to tell strangers what I do for a living.

I was getting a massage at my new chiropractor's office. I made the grave error of telling the therapist what I do for a living -- working with victims of domestic violence.

For a half hour, I heard about how her mother was abused, she was abused as a child, her husband was abused and a drunk and suicidal and....

Just kick me, ok? That was grueling.

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R and I have the most amazing energy between us. I'm not sure how much I was conscious of sex as an energy exchange before he and I started talking about it, but I am now conscious of it in every encounter.

We have talked about energy quite a bit, almost from the beginning of our ... whatever it is. But a couple weeks ago, he discovered something by accident that I'm pretty sure isn't possible at all.

This is going to start weird and only get weirder, so hang on.

I put his hand on the spot in my aura that flares up when I'm around him, or thinking of him. I'm not even sure why I did it. I wanted to see if he could feel it, maybe. I told him what it was, and he did this weird thing. He didn't move his hand, but he pushed. I can only describe that it felt like he was pushing his energy/aura into mine. Thrusting his lance of energy into my hot throbbing spot, if you will. *grin* Oh yes, I came from it. As I have every time he's done it since.

It's amazingly gratifying. Like a hunger that I didn't know I had until he fed it. I crave it now, like regular sex.

I'm pretty sure this is not possible. Anyone ever heard of anything like this?

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Ways I know my life is a mess:

My laundry doesn't get put away. I don't call my friends. I don't update my journal. I read Mercedes Lackey.

Ways to know my life is FUBAB:

I have to sniff the underwear to know which ones are clean. Yikes!!!
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Nothing better to do than annoy people on LJ

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In a moment of clarity, I wrote this for someone who was being told that "making it up as you go along" isn't as valid a religious path as following an established path. I thought I'd share. *g*

1) You can only follow one path at a time -- yours. Even people within traditional religions pick and choose what they adhere to and what they don't. No christian fundamentalists follow all 620 laws of the Old Testament. Anyone who tells you that following one religious tradition will give you a clearer path than your own is ignoring how real people use their religious traditions.

2)There are only two data sets available regarding the nature of the divine: the natural world around us and the internal voice within us. Everything else is hearsay and speculation at best, self-serving political posturing at worst. It might be that a philosopher or religious teacher has something to say that resonates with your own internal voice or your observations of the natural world, but unless you recognize your truth in what they say, they are just babbling at you.

But I'm an Eclectic Pagan on a Silly Path, so making it up as I go along and using whatever tools come to hand to do so are natural to me. If they are natural to you too, then welcome to the club. Have a noisemaker and a piece of cake. ;-)

The spiritual journey

After much meditation and pondering, I have come to the conclusion that no particular historical god image works for me. Like my Goddess, He is too varied, too multi-faceted to fit into one role. And historical gods are all too limited in their roles and attributes.

So I started looking for images that appealed to me. At an antique show, I saw a statue of the Buddha that was marvelously peaceful, but also marvelously expensive. I hadn't thought of Buddha before, though, so I started searching for a Buddha image. I found one I liked at of all places a Marshall's. Which had the added bonus of being affordable too. So I bought him and took him home.
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